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Expansion Vibration Lipofilling: A New Technique in Large-Volume Fat Transplantation

Despite successful volume retention in fat grafting to the buttocks,1 superficial and deep contour irregularities continue to affect results. We stress the distinction between restoration of deflated volumes versus volume increase and shape change in large-volume fat transplantation. Despite the larger capacity of the buttocks and the greater ability to place larger volumes into it, the use of the Coleman technique requires syringe injection and percutaneous release of ligamentous bands, or “Rigottomies,” where expansion of ...

Consequences of a Head Injury from a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are at an especially high risk of suffering head injuries in an accident because of the relative lack of protection compared to drivers of passenger vehicles. Accidents can result in brain injuries and can require extensive treatment, including hospitalization. For some victims, a head injury from a motorcycle accident can have lasting and severe effects. On a per mile basis, motorcyclists are approximately 16 times more likely than the occupants of a passenger car to ...

Medical cannabis in England and Wales

Cannabis is not recognised as having any therapeutic value under the law in England and Wales, and a person can commit any of the range of offences including possession and supply. However, there is a cannabis-based product – Sativex – which can be legally prescribed and supplied in limited circumstances, To learn more about our services visit cannabis menu. In 2006 the Home Office licensed Sativex so that: Doctors, at their own risk, could privately prescribe, Pharmacists could ...

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